Circle of Life – The New Beginnings or the Old Learnings?

More than the beginning weeks of January, I enjoy the last weeks of the December. Everyone is nostalgic and are also excited about the New Year. Probably that’s the reason I prefer the quiet moments at my home during the last weekends of December. All channels are showcasing the best of the year movie, that means […]

While I watch them take their first steps

This is going to be a two-part article. Part two coming soon! It was not until I saw the Konkan coastline that I could believe that finally I was going to make it to the village of Velas in Ratnagiri. Little did I know it was just a start of 2 days I am never going […]

Walking in Moonlight: Trekking K2S

They say it’s hard to forget your firsts. Your first Cycle. Your first school. Your first friend in the new city. Your first job. Your first paycheck. And the list goes on. That’s the reason I will never forget my first trek, ever. My first trek. In the moonlight. I had always been enchanted by the mountains, hills. I […]

As I Left…

As I Left… is a compilation of the random thoughts which I used to save as drafts in my cell or in the corner notes of my novel, while I traveled in locals or while commuting from Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad, in the past 6 months. There will be more additions to this, probably, as of now here are […]

Mind IT

It started with room no.18 → progressed to LBS Marg, Mulund → landed me back again to flat no. 20, Pune → now I am in office (doing internship again) in Pune this time. Well it’s my 2nd week here and familiar with few people around, now, at least the ones around me. An anecdote […]