5 similarities between working in a Startup & trekking in the Himalayas, for first time

The first time I saw the Himalayas I was intimidated by them. We crossed mountains after mountains, towering above us, following the trail set out by the nature. The path was a mix of scree and boulders. These 4 days of climbing, crossing and walking on boulders, streams and ridges made me realise these 5 […]

Look Down. Breathe Deeply. Keep Walking

There’s nothing that a cup of coffee couldn’t solve. My sister would solemnly agree with me here. Coffee’s problem solving capability is one of the few things that my sister and I agree to. There were two things that made my breakfast coffee very special up in the mountains: Watching the mountains while having my breakfast. […]

Toh Chalein to Jwara

In case you missed, read the first part of Hampta Pass Trek : It’s okay to fall, but fall with grace While we had our breakfast and waited for our lunch to get ready, there was just one thing I had my eyes for, miles and miles of rolling mountains. They were endlessly green, dotted with Pine […]

It’s okay to fall, but fall with grace

6th August, 2016, 1700 hrs “What is trekking?”, asked our Trek Leader (TL) Mayank Mathur from IndiaHikes (IH) as we were gathered at “Wildlife Information & Interpretation Centre” in Manali for our briefing of the trek to Hampta Pass tomorrow (7th August 2016). To answer the question, trekking is nothing but walking and breathing. And […]