About Me

As a kid, I never roamed about. I saw the world through the books which didn’t restrict me to the contemporary world. It took me to the times of World War or to the land of Wizardry or over the islands of Adventure. And then I learnt to ride a cycle. Roaming the streets just for fun became a part of my daily routine. It was here that I saw stories. I still haven’t learnt to put to words to my thoughts, though…

Years passed and the only place where I would write was either in my diary or the sides of my novels or textbooks. In 2011 I was introduced to the world of Blogging courtesy the digitization wave that was just starting to pick up. However, it was not until a friend told me that I write decently that I started publicly sharing my articles. It’s been close to 5 years now I have never looked back. I have experimented with writing and genre. And I hope to continue to do so.

So here is how YOU can help me with the journey. If you have a story to tell shoot me an email at : avani.lalka@gmail.com I would love to feature your story on my blog (anonymously or with full credit as you desire). It could be about anything – travel, entertainment, relationship, life, school, campus life, memories, anything that you would like to share and more so the stories which you cannot usually share but want the world to know.

Can’t wait to hear you all. Rest assured every time I will hear the notification of email ring on my mobile I would be expecting some story or suggestion from you 🙂


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