Circle of Life – The New Beginnings or the Old Learnings?

More than the beginning of January, I enjoy the last weeks of the December. Everyone is nostalgic and are excited about the New Year. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer the quiet moments at my home during last weekends of December. All channels are showcasing the best of the year movie, that means you do have a good chance of watching movies that you missed in the year. One such marathon movie was run by Star Movies on the Christmas weekend of 2016. It was the day to relive your childhood by relishing the best of Disney’s movie. And I would confess I am a sucker for animated movies. I would anytime prefer watching Moana over Collateral Beauty.

The Lion King – has been one of my favorite childhood movies. And I have loved watching and re-watching it. Every time I watched the movie there is always different perspective I learned something new about the Circle of Life‘. I am talking about Rafiki and suddenly the song – Circle of Life make so much sense to me.

At times, you just need a tap from Rafiki’s stick on your head to either make you learn from your past, or to run from it. Just as it happened with Simba when his fate is seen by Rafiki, who played his part and wanted to make sure that Simba returns to the Pride Rock and takes the rightful place of his father, Mufasa.

But Simba was running from his past. A mistake which had clouded his childhood which made him leave his home instead of facing the guilt. In short, he wasn’t learning but running from the past. Lest for Rafiki’s stick tap, Simba might not have realized that he can learn from his mistake to make his present and most importantly his future, better.

Naturally, we all think that it’s easy to run away from past rather than learning from it, right? You are right but when you do think about it, you would be surprised to understand that it takes more courage to run and live with it, and finding a way to live in the present. And so Simba did Hakuna Matata his way through childhood and was able to convince his adulthood that he will just while away. But Fate has a funny sense of humor and could take an unexpected turn. It is at this point when you realise that past will always haunt unless you stop for a moment to learn from it and not keep running.

You would think that we are not lucky enough to have a Rafiki in our lives. But if you would really see around, there is always someone who with their slight tap on the shoulder or by their gentle nudge helps you from not running and stop you to reflect on your learnings. It could be your parent, a teacher, a mentor, a friend, your sibling, your significant other or sometimes even a stranger who came at the right moment to give you your nudge.

It is this nudge that makes you see through the cloud of your past, make sense of what went wrong and what should be done now to make it right. Because, you for sure, cannot undo your past but you can make sure that you duck yourself and not get hit by the stick again that leaves a bump on your head!

Don’t you think so too? Let me know in comments below who your Rafiki is!


6 thoughts on “Circle of Life – The New Beginnings or the Old Learnings?

  1. You have put it really well Avani. A thought which probably all of us have at some point but never get to the point where we can just let go and move ahead.
    I think I have had a few Rafikis. Be it in school or college or at work, I have always had someone to guide me through.

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  2. Very well written, knowingly or unknowingly we all have had our own Rafikis but one common Rafiki that we all share is time. Time makes us realise where we stand, what we have been through and how we stood against all the odds of life thereby helping us realise how capable we are to do anything and everything esp when you have lost all the hope. So worry not if you havent fund your Rafiki ’cause the best Rafiki you can ever have is yourself. 😉

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  3. Very thoughtful post Avani. It’s really tough to let go of the past but at the same time it is the most wise thing to do if we intend to live in “now”. And yes, Rafikis are needed to nudge the lost minds and everybody has atleast one Rafiki.

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    1. Thanks Dipanwita 🙂 true the wise thing is to let go of it but more often than not we tend to dwell in them and keep repeating the mistakes to ourselves. It is at this point that the Rafiki are needed


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