The Scars we Carry

We fall. Get bruised. And carry the scars. Forever. Some are visible. While others remain hidden from the naked eye. But scars, they are. Some we carry proudly. Others hold the memories of our – Stupidity. Carelessness. Idiocy. And all other imbecile words. However, with each scar – We grow up. Not just physically or […]

Circle of Life – The New Beginnings or the Old Learnings?

More than the beginning of January, I enjoy the last weeks of the December. Everyone is nostalgic and are excited about the New Year. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer the quiet moments at my home during last weekends of December. All channels are showcasing the best of the year movie, that means you […]

5 similarities between working in a Startup & trekking in the Himalayas, for first time

The first time I saw the Himalayas I was intimidated by them. We crossed mountains after mountains, towering above us, following the trail set out by the nature. The path was a mix of scree and boulders. These 4 days of climbing, crossing and walking on boulders, streams and ridges made me realise these 5 […]

Look Down. Breathe Deeply. Keep Walking

There’s nothing that a cup of coffee couldn’t solve. My sister would solemnly agree with me here. Coffee’s problem solving capability is one of the few things that my sister and I agree to. There were two things that made my breakfast coffee very special up in the mountains: Watching the mountains while having my breakfast. […]