As I Left…

As I Left… is a compilation of the random thoughts which I used to save as drafts in my cell or in the corner notes of my novel, while I traveled in locals or while commuting from Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad, in the past 6 months. There will be more additions to this, probably, as of now here are the 5 that I have so far.


As I Left…
The City of Dreams
I couldn’t help but wonder
About the Dreams that never got realized!


As I Left…
I thought of all the miles I had walked…
And just one more mile to walk.
It is not the distance,
But the roads taken that I remember
More so, I wonder about the roads that are traveled less…


As I Left…
I wished I could have stayed awhile more
A little longer in the warmth of his arms.
A little longer watching his eyes go drowsy.
A little longer to be able to feel his breath on my cheek.

I wish the Sunset could have last longer.
As I Left the Beach!


As I Left…
With every step I took forward.
I moved a little too away from the dreams.
A little more to the state of dormancy
When all I could think of is basking in the glory of realization!


As I Left…
I wondered about the moments that were almost perfect…

Psst… tell me in the comments below if anyone of you had such thoughts while you left a place or someone that is very dear to you or any other such moments that you might have had.

I would love to hear it from you.


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