Proved! Books are conversation-starter…

Books are a good conversation-starter, I always believed.

I was a tad late to catch train. Train was at 6pm but my stomach needed some attention so I had decided to catch a bite before boarding train. To Mumbai. So I went in a little hurry to Jan-Aahar. Thank you Lalu Prasad Yadav. I selected some edible and searched for a place to sit. I saw a table with just a chair occupied. With no other alternative I approached the table and enquired to occupy the chair opposite. I have been reading ‘Feluda’ by Satyajit Ray on the ride to Pune station. I placed my book aside and starting having my fill. ‘Feluda right?’ he asked politely looking pointedly at my novel by the side, yes I replied and further enquired whether he has read it. He simply replied that he had seen movie long back. So started my chance encounter… courtesy my book.

Liton is from Bangladesh. He was here at Pune station because he was returning home from his training in Lonavala. He is training to be counsellor.  A chance encounter that I had wherein he told me a few sentences that would remain etch in my memory for a very long time.

According to him there comes a phase in each of our life when we know what we want to do. This is when we should pursue it with all your strength, will and power to pursue what we want. Knowledge and passion always accompany these three. Also, that our life is basically surrounded by taking decisions. Nothing else. These decisions helps in letting us know whether we know what we want or not. But the problem with we humans is we tend to think too much. Even after taking a decision we ponder on whether we took right decision or not. We question ourselves. We are stuck on that delicate balance where one wrong movement would be the cause of us falling face-down right in the dirt…

I would just say decisions or not stick to yourself if not anything else. That’s the least u can do for yourself…

With these thoughts yet another journey to Mumbai started. Didn’t I mention before that I get to know a piece of myself whenever I am in Mumbai?

Disclaimer: The writer is neither a consultant nor an advisor. The definitions and ideas in the above article are writer’s own. Readers believe at their own risk. Any similarity to anyone’s work on the topic is mere a coincidence. There is no deliberate attempt to defame any brand. The writer does not have a bias towards anything. Examples are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or brands, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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