The Scars we Carry

We fall.
Get bruised.
And carry the scars. Forever.
Some are visible. While others remain hidden from the naked eye.
But scars, they are.
Some we carry proudly.
Others hold the memories of our –
Stupidity. Carelessness. Idiocy. And all other imbecile words.
However, with each scar –
We grow up. Not just physically or age, but as a person.
If I may say, Scars shape you into the person you become.
They are an evidence of the person you were, once.
And the proof of the person you have become, now.
Like warriors, we tell the story that the scar hold.
But then there are others, that we are not so proud of.
We try to hide them; cover them.
Make it look as if that it didn’t happen.
Most of it are invisible.
We try to keep it under wraps.
Forgetting that the wound heals best when it is kept open.
You never know when you find someone who would share the similar scar with you.
And a story to tell.
And be able to heal your wound.
Let the scar be just the memory.
And a story to tell others about.
Do not be afraid of bruises by the fall.
Let your scar tell the story.
As you grow old.
And maybe wiser. Someday.


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