How to Choose a Right Helmet?

Continuing from my last article on wearing a helmet, we will speak about choosing a helmet. For a seasoned biker, their helmet is their identity. As mentioned by Dnyanadaa Mhaskar who is a lawyer by qualification, a teacher by profession and a biker by passion. For her, riding is a meditation and that’s why thinks that helmet is a necessity. She says, “Helmet is a designer headgear for every biker who dons it and spends a lot of time and money to choose the most appropriate one so as not only to be identified by it but also to protect his valuable brain/head that gives the biker the much needed adrenaline to take up new rides and reach dream destinations.”

Dnyanadaa Mhaskar speaks about how important helmet is for a biker

However, most city rider helmet including feel that helmet makes you hot and stuffy especially during the traffic jams. To this Sanjeev Somnath aka Naradmuni who is an ardent solo rider having ridden close to 300000 km and 22 States on 2 wheels. He is currently heading the Pune chapter of the Musafirs and is the Chief Ideator at FlashGypsy says, “Firstly, the notion that helmets are meant to be comfortable for you should be thrown out of the door. Helmets are meant to protect and not pamper. Yes, there are some tips that will make it more easy to use. And the biggest tip is the shift in mindset.”
Sanjeev Somnath speaks about the mindset of people of wearing helmet

Truly! Here are some tips and advises that I have received from bikers and city riders alike that makes it easier to choose and use helmets.

  • Firstly, always buy helmets that are ISI, DOT, EEC, etc. certified. It’s important for your own safety
  • Try on the helmet to determine best fitting helmet that suits you. This link will help you determine helmet shape
  • It is advisable to replace a helmet after a crash. Damages may not be always visible, but the foam can lose its integrity.
  • While trying on helmet ensure that your vision or any other movement is not restricted while riding
  • Cover your head with a washed and dried cloth or buff or helmet skull cap before wearing a helmet. It absorbs your sweat hence, protecting your hair as well as prevent in ruining of the lining
  • Clean your visor regularly before riding so that night vision doesn’t get impaired
  • Helmet should hug your head, cheeks, and jaw and a snug fitting helmet eventually retains the shape of your skull

Do share any more advice or helpful tips that I might have missed.

Lastly, as Minakshi Mohanty of Bikerni Bengaluru chapter mentioned during our conversation, “Wearing a helmet is not a compulsion but it’s a privilege and a necessity of the living people.”
Minakshi Mohanty speaks on road safety

Let’s take wearing helmet seriously, follow traffic rules and be responsible for coming home safe to our loved ones every day.

If you are in Pune and looking to buy quality helmets and/or riding gears, do drop by The Saddle Store in Pashan.

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