3 Mistakes you should avoid as a first time WordPress user

It took me two weekends to have all my old articles up and posted. This is the price you pay when you venture into space with half knowledge.
Exactly a year ago I moved to an independent hosting. Setting up the website is easy. You need to know just a little bit of coding. The hard part is keeping the website secured and assuring that all your content is safe and sound. Well, I learnt the hard way.

Mistake #1: Not taking regular backups of the content

That’s the biggest and stupidest mistake anyone can make! Thing is creating and getting the website (read blog) through WordPress is piece of cake. But the real deal is keeping it secured from the claws of hackers. And always, always keep a backup of your website and more importantly your content.

Do not believe what hosting company says. And do not rely on them for a backup.

Hack for content backup: Export the xml file of your content (posts, media, pages, authors, etc) on a local and/or cloud periodically.

You can do this by: Tools -> Export -> Start Export -> All content (to be safe, always choose all content) -> Download Export file. The 4 steps are explained in the image below:

Follow these 4 steps to export and download XML file of your WordPress blog (or website) contentFollow these 4 steps to export and download XML file of your WordPress blog (or website) content

Regular export of these file would actually be a best practice to follow.

Mistake #2: Using page builder

Having a chance to beautify your WordPress website could be very tempting. I could say it with confidence as I was too. Getting a plugin that gives the liberty of drag-and-drop could be the cherry on top to get that plugin activated on your website. But be cautious of the Page Builder you use. That could actually be the opportunity that a hacker is looking for.

One way to check the reliability of the plugin is check out when was the plugin last updated and the number of active downloads. If it has not been updated for long (say 10 months or more) then be cautious of the plugin.

Mistake #3: Keeping the user name as Admin

Don’t ever do that! While installing WordPress it asks you to choose a username, by default it is set to admin. Do not be lazy and make the username as secured as your password. Don’t even keep it as your first name. It’s always good to be safe first than regret later!

That’s all folks! This is what I have learnt from using the WordPress. I am now taking regular backups in fact, I always take a new backup once I publish a new post. That’s it for now. And while I take the back up, let me know in the comments below of what has been your experience with using WordPress as a first timer? Do not forget to share this post with someone who would be considering using WordPress for creating their first blog, it might help them. After all, sharing is caring.


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