Social Connection

Connected as I seemed to be on Social Channels
Heads down
Fingers doing tango with my touchscreen
I seemed to walk on.

I share the posts of people helping others lead a better a life
But I conveniently ignore the old lady who needs my help
To cross the road
As I need to check-in on the crossroads I am at

I have a WhatsApp group of my friends
We decide to meet up
But when we do meet up
All I need is a selfie with them and a check-in at Starbucks!

I posted my graduation pictures the other day
She did mention that I looked pretty when I saw her yesterday
But then why didn’t she LIKE the picture if she thought I looked pretty?
She could have dropped the COMMENT instead of telling me when we met.

As connected I am with my close friends
All I want to know about them whether they are taking a dinner
Or whether they are at Starbucks or at chilling at their home listening to Honey Singh’s song
Because we are socially connected. So I need to know!


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