How about creating a Consent Culture?

Recently, the ban on documentary of Nirbhaya, Jyoti Singh, and hashtag India’s Daughter was trending on social media and in general discussion, too. As we all know, the reason for banning was claim to be an attempt to defame India by western world. Let’s talk what is actually defaming India.

Disregard to Consensual Culture:

While we were busy discussing about documentary banning or not, 2 13-years old girls were advocating about a Consensual Culture to be adopted, in Canada. According to a study conducted by them they proposed perhaps this would help curbing Rape Culture that’s so prevalent in World. Their study actually makes sense in every way. But again, I think perception of Consent of Girls needs to be explained here too. Because we do have this pre-build notion of what is consent from the girls. Or to perhaps to say in the Indian way, the invitation for sex from a girl.

This went viral because this is the “normal” perception of “woman consent”
This went viral because this is the “normal” perception of “woman consent”

Start with the Young:

So how should we start inculcating Consensual Culture? The answer is same as it is for other culture. Start with the young.

Indian family, normally is a huge family, which means there are number of kids. Although this concept is decreasing in urban nuclear families, but still there is a culture of hum do, humaare do, to some extent. We have kids, or rather make kids? But we are very shy when it comes to explaining the same to our own kids. The one who has grown up with our sperm and ovum… Weird, isn’t it?

I am blessed with a mother who is open to talk about “things” that are important for a girl undergoing body-changes. But I know of people who are very shy reading sexpert column in the newspaper in front of their parents or even asking basic questions to them. I do not just mean questions regarding sex and reproduction. This column cover a lot more issues than just that. It can be infection or other concerns. Lets go a little in public. Even in locals or buses, I see people quickly turning the sexpert page if I happen to be “peeking” in their newspaper.


Now I ask, where does this inhibitions comes from? Is it because of the giggles that I used to hear in Biology lessons? Or the need to talk in hushed whispers in the dark corridor about menstruation cycles or the body-changes that I went through as a teenager? How can this be undone? Should the young adolescent find “knowledge” in porn to satiate their curiosity? Or does it make more sense that we treat them as a responsible “almost” adult and let them know the truth, and just the truth, the only truth. Why is there so much of hesitation to answer question on periods, sanitary napkins, masturbation, sex, the raging hormones, condoms?

Isn’t CSE, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, something that should be taken seriously by Education Board? If we can turn the thoughts and mindsight of young people, at least maybe we can vouch for creating a Consensual Culture, can we not? Maybe then we wouldn’t have to debate about banning a documentary or not!

Lets #TalkSexuality
Lets #TalkSexuality

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