Do not fall for a writer

…because she will always be throwing words at you that will make you scratch your dictionary for its meaning.
…because she will always be quoting lines and words from books and would make you guess who said that. She won’t like it, if you give a wrong answer.
…because she will always have a way to turn the argument in her favor. You know she is good with words!
…because she will always remember how it felt to be with you. Your first kiss. Your first trip together. The almost perfect photograph of you two together. And she will always find a different way to narrate to you of the moment. And you couldn’t help but be transported to that moment again, with her. Every. Single. Time.
…because she already has a fairy tale about the two of you in her mind and is spinning one every time, every moment she is with you.
…because she will always find a way to make you the hero for every piece of her work, whether you realize it or not.
…because she will be happy even with a book bought from Churchgate or FC road. And overjoyed to be gifted a hard bound.
…because she will always proofread every message you send to her. She will always have that tendency. Can’t help it!
…because she will always understand the depth of your feeling even if it is just one word
…because she will always rather curl up beside you with a book than be partying the night away.
…because she will make you fall in love with books again even in this age of iPads, Kindles, etc.
…because she will always want to go to Crossword and skip going to Pantaloons.
…because she will always write your name in the corners of the book she is reading or doodle thinking about you.
…because she will cherish that tissue you had written her name on, for ever. That would always be her first love letter.
…because she will always keep the first rose, the first flower you gave to her in her favorite novel. And smile every time she sees it, whenever. The dryness of the flower marks the strength of your relationship with her.
…because she will always want you to be the first reader of her work. She will look up to your criticism too. And you might have to bear with the many drafts she creates until both of you think it is almost perfect.
…because she will always be leaving you little notes that will just bring that smile on your face.
…because she will always find a new way to be near you, in your thoughts. You might remember her when you hear her favorite quotes. Or when you would be speaking her favorite lines to your colleagues.
…because she will always remember you in every little or more than little love story she reads.
…because you will always be her muse.
…because it is she you are thinking of now while reading this. And so you know you have fallen for a writer.

P.S. Do you have more reasons to NOT fall for a Writer? Let me know in the comments.

First Published on Campus Diaries


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