Being Prime Number

Remember those Mathematics lessons in school? I used to hate them as a kid. But I did end up taking engineering. If you are thinking this is one of those nostalgic miss-my-school-days or miss-my-engineering-days posts, then please stop. This is about that one chapter, the most primary concept that we learn in Mathematics. A Prime Number.

Prime number - Those mathematics lessons and test!
Prime number – Those mathematics lessons and test!

Those mathematics lessons and test!

The Unoverts:

Going back to those bookish definitions. A prime number is a number which is divisible by number 1 and itself. So the number 2 has only 2 factors: 1 and 2 so does number 5 (1,5) and so on… Lately I saw a similar human behavior. We know introverts, extroverts and most recently ambiverts. These type of people, analogous to Prime numbers, I would like to call them asUnoverts (there is no such word, it is just me trying to be Shakespeare).

Unoverts are those people, who are comfortable either being with that one person or just being with themselves. They do try to gel with other people around them but the result is always “fraction” of relationships.

The Other Numbers:

This property of Prime Number whereby they are unable to be completely divisible (read intermingle) with other numbers creates lots of friction among them. They are always scoffed upon and looked upon as the “outsiders”. Knowing this, human version unoverts are undeterred by it (at least the ones that I know of).

Although they are scoffed upon, even taunted of their ‘nature’ but they are more satisfied and happier with spending entire day reading through that novel, or going for a walk to get in touch with nature, or to a movie, alone. And oh, the looks at the ticket counter from both outside and inside the window when asked, ticket for one. Or even traveling alone. They are quite content and happy doing just that.

Number 1:

Coming to number 1. The one person unoverts are comfortable with. Let’s go back to the Mathematics lesson, shall we? Properties of number 1. It is the first number in the natural number and hence is divisible by all the number, except for 0, which results in infinity. Well, there is our answer the number 1 are usually the extroverts. Probably because of their flexibility and being able to be with everyone, number 1 are always sought after. And that’s the reason, unoverts are little choosy to find their one, too.

Just as prime numbers are choosy with the numbers with whom they can almost be divisible, so are the unoverts. There are some with whom we hit it off instantly but more so with whom we cannot. And then comes the number 1. It is hard to know who the real number 1 is, as there are 0.99 too.

So yes, just like other-verts, unoverts too make mistakes in finding the right person but once they had found the one, it is really hard to let go off them. Getting that number 1 is probably important for everyone, I suppose, but for unoverts is more special as otherwise with everyone else it is always just “fractions”. Although it is not necessary for the one to be another human, it could be anything, doing which they are comfortable and can be themselves. Because at the end of the day, it is always good to be with the one you love and care about.

Mathmatics lesson Prime number as Human behavior
Mathmatics lesson Prime number as Human behavior

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