Walking in Moonlight: Trekking K2S

They say it’s hard to forget your firsts. Your first Cycle. Your first school. Your first friend in the new city. Your first job. Your first paycheck. And the list goes on. That’s the reason I will never forget my first trek, ever. My first trek. In the moonlight. I had always been enchanted by the mountains, hills. I […]

The Blue Shirt

Cut and stitched I was Dyed with indigo blue Adorned by those little white dots With a bow at the neck, which I hate. Washed and ironed Packed up in the little transparent bag And transported to that shop to be displayed I was tried and thrown and tried again. Until… I was picked up […]

As I Left…

As I Left… is a compilation of the random thoughts which I used to save as drafts in my cell or in the corner notes of my novel, while I traveled in locals or while commuting from Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad, in the past 6 months. There will be more additions to this, probably, as of now here are […]

How about creating a Consent Culture?

Recently, the ban on documentary of Nirbhaya, Jyoti Singh, and hashtag India’s Daughter was trending on social media and in general discussion, too. As we all know, the reason for banning was claim to be an attempt to defame India by western world. Let’s talk what is actually defaming India. Disregard to Consensual Culture: While […]