Mumbai’s Story Saves Me, Yet Again…

Every time I see you
There’s something new that i find
Your beauty is mesmerizing
And soothing…
The way you shelter everyone in your realm
Has been a mystery to many and me…
There are stories on every stone that you are made of
Probably that’s the reason everyone wants to be a part of it too.
Sometimes it seems that it is unfair
But then I realize when has anything being fair?
A friend of mine once said (in his status)
Its not about the tall buildings or the wide ocean shores.Its not about the rushing local trains or water logged roads.Its not about dharavi or bollywood. Mumbai is about the stories at every step, on every stone.

and I agree. You recognize Mumbai by the stories that are created in this city by the people and some of them get immortalize. In the same way I am always on the lookout of a story – mine own or of others – doesn’t matter much which ones. But I have this craving for stories. Stories that makes me write about them.

One such story that I found was in a month after coming to Mumbai was of Amin Sheikh. He recently got featured in YourStory for his inspiring story of journey from being a rag-picker to becoming a  best seller. His book “Life is Life: I am because of you” is his story, written by him about his dream to build a Café Library in Mumbai where he would employee the street kids as a way to give them employment. And the road he has taken to realize his dream is just… outstanding. To help him out individuals from around the world have pooled in their resources and giving out the best they can to this man, who took upon himself to not to wait for the help to walk towards him but do something on his own to make his dream come true. In his own words Amin says, “Why the hell was I waiting for someone else to come and make my dreams come true? I could write my own story and make my own dreams come true”
You  can know about him from internet about his background, his life story, his struggles, his book, his dream. But what I will tell you about him: he is the most humble person that I have met in recent months. The cruelty of life has not made him bitter, if anything he is more in love with life and enjoys it as it comes by with a smile always on his face. You can actually hear the smile if you talk to him over mobile phones or telephones. He is sensitive towards you. And respects you as an individual.


For him, Mumbai has taught him everything he knows and has sheltered him in its realm. Mumbai has taught me too, a great deal. But there is one thing that I learned from Amin that never ever give up on your dreams. If you are true to your dreams you will always get ways and help that you need to make them into reality. As it was said in Hogwarts “Help will always be provided to those who ask for it”. So is the case in the world of we, Muggles, too.

Alas, we may not like to admit it but we give up on our dreams very easily, sometimes too easily. The Fastrack trend of “Move On” has become so prevalent that we have adapted to it. It is alright with us to give up or settle for a wee bit less than what we thought wanted to achieve. The Chalta Hai attitude, the constant impatience to just get the results, the urge to just win the race and not valuing the amount of perspiration required to achieve it – have all added up to more and more of us leaving out on what we actually set out to seek and we end up settling for much much less than what we deserve. I could quote my own example but quoting it here wouldn’t make much difference. But saddling up again and working towards it would make more sense. That’s what I have been trying to do.
YourStory’s feature of Amin came as a boon for me and saved me from the blunder that I might have created. There are some dreams and hopes on which we would completely lose faith on but I know one thing is this man, Amin would not let go of off his dream so easily. And probably that’s why I can confidently say that a few years from now I might be reading an article on him again, sitting in his cafe with my cuppa. I wish him all the luck and wish that his dream would come dream, his complete dream. And that it will unfold in front of his eyes in the same exact manner he has been dreaming about from the time he started dreaming about.
P.S. You can read Amin’s story here
P.P.S. The content written here is what I think about his story through the articles I read about him and once when I talked to him when inquired about his book and how can I buy because I am not much of a fan of an eBook. And thus formed this piece which was supposed to be published few  weeks back…
An After-note:We all have dream. Dreaming is good. But it takes courage to go with it. Be it any dream the path leading to reality would never be easy. Because if it were we would never have tagged it as a DREAM. So whenever you feel like giving up. And feel you have had enough of everything and that your patience is running dry. Take a moment. Take few deep breathes and look around you, you might find someone who would inspire in some way because they are struggling too, like you. I would always be grateful for that article that I read and I wish Amin all the very best.
I am going to read his book, are you? You can get electronic version of his book on Amazon
Or to get a hard copy you can email him on:
First published on CampusDiaries

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