YOU abandoned ME

We all search and wait for that perfect person who would be with us, no matter what. He is the one who will lead you through the path that seemed impossible to walked on in the beginning but with him behind you or beside you (doesn’t matter how, what matters is his presence) that would make  you a li’l more confident of where you are walking.

We seldom find such person who ticks off at least 90% of our checklist. But as it is we are so busy trying to tick off the checklist that we forget to actually know that person for what he is. Be with them. Go on a romantic walk. Let the silence have their conversation. We don’t do that. Rather even if we are walking on the beach instead of enjoying his presence, his arms wrapped around you we are more concentrating on how he is talking; trying to judge whether he is lying or telling the whole truth but the truth; weighing whether his compliments are true or it is just his way to flatter you to bed; judging whether he is holding you too low or too high around your waist? It is this petty things that we waste our precious moments to which could have been spent in telling him how you actually feel about him; talk about your hopes, dreams or maybe about the expectations that you have from him; thank him for being there; thank him for the concerns he has shown by taking you out here; letting him know how much you appreciate his small gestures; letting him in more inside of your life… because after all you were but incomplete till he came in your life.
We all know these things. We also know what would push his red button but still we edge on, wade through the water that you know would just pull you towards the whirlpool from where there is no coming back, and by the time you reach so near to the eye of the whirlpool- you realize it then that your ship has no anchor. And that you are at the mercy of storm to come out alive or get pulled in the whirlpool. And you just lose everything. Then we have no other option but to conclude to the fact that- You abandoned Me…
Note: First published at Campus  Diaries
Posted in PoV.

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