The Second Volume…

From the time human were created they always needed someone with whom they can belong to. Even though Eve was the prey to the hands of Serpent, Adam didn’t leave her rather stood by her and bore the wrath of God with her. She, on the other hand wanted Adam to be a part of her pleasure even though it turned out to be a disaster in the end.

It is the need to have that person in your life that makes us reach out. Sometimes even though things do not turn out as we hoped it would or expected it to be, but we still cling on to that last strand of hope that maybe, this time on it will turn out good. It is when this hope that kindles on inside us even in the darkest of time, makes us believe that sooner or later everything will be fine. That no matter what how bad situation is now it is going to be fine. Do you know why? Because, it is rare to find someone, who is the 2nd volume of book of our life. He is not just another chapter in your life that would be completed and lost in the other chapters but he is another book, another life of yours and together you would write a whole book for yourselves…

At times it might seem impossible to proceed further, there might be times when you would be stuck to that one chapter from where you have no clue on how to further write your story, rather how to continue with your story. It will be this tested time which would decide the course of your book. Do not let such dilemmas be the deciding factor of your book, rather anchor to those chapters which helped you reached to that point. This would help you know what and where things went wrong. But before deciding on final decision, remember that if you got this far along the chapters then there’s something more than meets the eyes. You would need to dig in deeper inside yourself and that other person, in order to decide the final chapter of your book. Because, a book without a happy ending, always is an incomplete book.

This Valentine, don’t be like Christmas Grinch, but reach out to that one person who has helped write you your second volume. Don’t let them go, because you would always feel incomplete without them. Love is blind but do not turn blind eye to the prospect of having to lose that someone who means not just the world but everything to you. After all you are the two volumes of same book, ain’t you? Don’t forget that…

Happy Valentine’s Day…

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