About 4 years of Rollercoaster ride…

(Wrote for TestFunda competition)
I entered as a girl who was good at Physics and Math and can tinker with Computer languages, but in June 2012, I left campus as a girl who can work a lathe machine, can draft any given mechanical drawing in ProE, AutoCAD or SolidWorks, can make a CNC “dance” on the code of her fingertips, can survive heartbreak and has a different perception to everything.
The general perception is you do not enjoy college if you haven’t bunked classes. I beg to defer… an engineering class is one which is enjoyed when you attend them. And if you really want to enjoy bunking, then mass bunk a lecture and get caught while having tea and Parle-G in canteen when the Professor comes looking for the “students” who have bunked.
As an engineer I am not just good at drafting a design on a sheet or on 14” screen with AutoCAD… but am also good at sketching caricature of my lecturer who has rote his presentation’s slides which he had prepared during his engineering, and incidentally those slides and images are still going good.

Any given page of my notes book is divided into two parts, though not equally. On one side there are terms that seem alien to me during the lecture and on the other side already a poem is getting formed using those alien words. That’s how we engineers are. We can build a poem from words alien to us and still it would make sense because my bench-buddy is nodding his head in consent while I pen my thoughts on the paper. That’s how we learn to multi-think.

Then comes the day which every engineer student dreads. The submission and viva. And the Ramayana starts, starring:
·         You as Ram
·         Professor as Raavan
·         Marks as Sita
·         Your attendance as Hanuman (provided you are not black-listed)
And if by chance you are black-listed then Babaji ki butti is your only hope. But we all survive that eventually. That’s what we are. Survivors. Rowing through storm and coming out victorious. And that’s why we are engineers.
Submission and exams are the time when you know who your true friends are. Because they would be the ones studying with you at the last minute helping you memorize the formula that would “surely” come in the paper. And that’s how we make our gang.
Engineering is waste if you haven’t given a KT. Alas mine was. I never had one. Not even a supplement exam. I would always scrap the 40% requirement of passing and this is my only regret.

Comes last year. Everyone has same dilemma:

  1. Whether or not to propose their crush?
  2. How to clear all KT’s?
  3. What next after Engineering? MS or MBA?
With this thoughts comes the end of 4 years of bliss. And now you enter the world. With everything change and a whole new chapter. To think. The 4 years are captured and walking down the lane every now and then gives strength to do anything. Because we survived once, we can do it again. To wrap-up…
4 years. 8 semesters. 2 major projects. God knows how many minor ones. 8 viva. 8 externals. Making and breaking and re-making of groups for tech-fest competition. Trying to be the dude-nerd of the batch. Counting attendance to just escape the black-list. Probably 2 or 3 break-ups or finding your soul-mate. This might sum up the 4 years of one helluva of a roller-coaster ride… and the sweet part- it was four years long…

Disclaimer: The writer is neither a consultant nor an advisor. The definitions and ideas in the above article are writer’s own. Readers believe at their own risk. Any similarity to anyone’s work on the topic is mere a coincidence. There is no deliberate attempt to defame any choice. The writer does not have a bias towards any choices. Examples are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or life situations, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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